Song of the Day: Wire Lines, “A Wolf for Your Rabbit,” from Harvest Verses (Self-Released, 2021)

I've written about New Bedford, Mass. outfit Wire Lines a few times over the last few years—including a spot on my list of 2019 Year-End Favorites—so if you've still been missing out, look back at those write-ups (or use Google) if you're curious as to the members' résumé credits. A few days ago, the quartet returned with a 12-song, 30-minute full-length of their increasingly diverse brand of angular post-hardcore with melodic undercurrents. Within and around that core technique are the hammering basslines of noise rock, spiraling guitar textures that lend a certain post-rock aesthetic, faster-paced punk rockin' energy, and quite a bit of vocal variety to boot. They're another one of those bands that takes so many different influences and melds them together in a manner that's totally familiar, yet absolutely has its own recognizable sound that you can't box up into any particular corner of one single genre.

I haven't had time to properly digest the album in full, but it opens with an incredibly strong trio of tunes. I almost chose to highlight "Divisionary," as there's something special about its darker atmosphere that starts to represent yet another component of the group's wide-spanning influences, but I just couldn't say no to the feverish energy of "A Wolf for Your Rabbit." It's a stronger representation of Wire Lines as a whole, and hopefully carries more potential for piquing the interest of new listeners. As my second spin winds down, however, "Shoal" is another contender, for sure.

The only "bad" news about all of this is that—at least for now—Harvest Verses is a digital-only release. Although, Bandcamp cites a release date of April 12, 2021, so I'm not sure if that's a sign of more to come? (I would've asked, but I literally just purchased the tracks around 5:00am this morning and needed something to post about today.) I'm crossing my fingers that it is. Wire Lines has deserved more attention since day one, and I've been perplexed all along that no labels have stepped in for a vinyl representation of their work.

That being said, Harvest Verses is sitting at a mere $1 on Bandcamp right now, and you can stream it on Spotify if that's your thing.