Song of the Day: Wire Lines, “Blind,” from Terminal (Self-Released, 2019)

If you missed my first write-up on Wire Lines, the New Bedford, MA quartet includes members who have previously performed with Intent to Injure, Daltonic, Gaskill, Some Kind of Hate, and The Hidden, amongst others. Apparently they work rather quickly, 'cause just four months after their excellent six-song demo, they've dropped a new six-song EP—Terminal—that also clocks in under 15 minutes.

Expect more angular post-hardcore that touches on a few emo/indie characteristics but generally carries more of a surging hardcore/punk energy that occasionally introduces some outlying melody/catchiness that really hits the spot. Great lyrics, too. Overall, it's fairly consistent with their debut, though certainly boasts a thicker, harder-hitting recording.

I chose the opener, "Blind," because it demonstrates the group's faster and more spirited side; "Traffic," though, is another definite standout.

I sincerely hope Wire Lines lands the opportunity to work with a label soon. Being the grumpy old man that I am, it always bugs me when great music is relegated to the digital-only realm. If you cherry-picked a few tunes from both EPs, you could put together one hell of a stunningly perfect 7" here.

As with most jams these days, enjoy 'em through Bandcamp or Spotify...