Review: Yellow Swans “Drowned Yellow Swans” 3” CD

Here we have two untitled tracks of experimental noise starting off with a 14+ minute jaunt of heavily vibrating hums and percussive thuds with waves of feedback and other extraneous glitches of noise that often sounds like it's coming from scraping/banging on a guitar through loads of effects. I'm usually pretty averse to this kind of noise when I can pick up little bits and pieces of guitar use that are neither musical in any way nor abstracted beyond recognition, but I have to say that this track is pretty effective for the most part, and at one point it actually gets fiercely acerbic when so many layers of harsh attack are being pressed together. The second piece runs a little less than six minutes and opens with a nice, grating dose of scathing feedback swells that cut across the face of the composition with a grinding sort of motion. Gradually these textures start to bounce around a bit more as subtle layers of noise are added in, but it's not until close to the final minute that things start to branch out into a lower-end hum with some piercing ringing sounds coming in above - before stripping down to one lone feedback tone that has a major bite to it. Not bad. The spraypainted CD-R looks pretty slick and comes in a small jewel case with an abstract color xerox whose color scheme is a good match for the paint used on the disc face. There's almost no text involved so that's about it in terms of packaging. The inner spine is stamped out of only 160 copies, so... as is often the case, you'll probably want to make a move sooner than later if this is something that interests you. It doesn't totally do the trick for my increasingly finicky ears, but I will say that I feel like these two tracks boast a hint more potential than what I've heard from the project in the past, and there are indeed some ferocious moments.

Running time - 20:27, Tracks: 2
[Notable tracks: both are fairly consistent with one another]
Chondritic Sound -