Xaxaxa “Tango Revolucioner” CD/LP

Xaxaxa - Tango RevolucionerI've been sitting on "Tango Revolucioner", the first album from Xaxaxa for far too long now, so it's about time I finally get it written up here. Released by the always intriguing Moonlee Records, this Macedonian trio (all three members are also in Bernays Propaganda) delivers their lyrics in Macedonian and recorded live in the studio, which brings a really unique sound to their approach—which hits my ears as somewhat of a combination of somber pop-punk (If such a thing could exist?) and indie rock. The live-in-the-studio setup really gives the album a raw, natural aesthetic that works perfectly for their style, and since the guitars barely use any distortion there's plenty of room for the amazing basslines to run amok right at the heart of the mix. They've got just the right amount of dirtiness to the tones and jangliness to the playing. But above all, this material really proves to me that you don't need to be able to sing along to a song for it to be catchy as hell (check out "Ova e Tvoj Grad", especially, for example). I certainly don't understand the Macedonian language, but I can easily pick up on the emotional atmospheres of the songs, and the arrangements still strike me in a manner that's really memorable. (I've seen English translations of the lyrics and they contain a good mix of personal and political elements—some of the titles translate to "Take Back That Bloody Day", "The World is a Mirror", "A Child of Hunger", etc.) In the end it all amounts to 10 songs/27 minutes that are somehow both relaxed and energetic. Listen for yourself and see what you think. I'm really, really into this and am totally kicking myself for having taken so long to check out the album!

As with all of Moonlee's releases, mp3's are available for a very inexpensive price via Bandcamp, so definitely show your support with a purchase if you like what you hear. I definitely encourage you to check out the rest of the label's discography as well. They're responsible for some truly underrated gems...

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about these guys…  reminds me of Shift in a lot ways.

    9.9.2011 | By Chris138

  2. Ahh man this is tight, thanks for posting it. I don’t really see myself seeking out Macedonian Indie Rock normally so thanks for leading me to this.

    9.18.2011 | By Anonymous