Wits End “s/t” 7”

Wits End - s/tWhen a member of Norway's Wits End first emailed me about their debut EP (released by Adagio 830), he referred to it as "a four-song 7" of mid-90's emotional hardcore made by old farts that were actually around back then listening to stuff from Ebullition, Old Glory, and Gravity", so I somehow knew this would be a solid outing. I can't sit here and pretend I'm intimately familiar with the rosters of those labels, but I do get the association, and sure enough, everything about this material represents what I think of as being connected to that "true" form of emo that was born in the 90's: Jangly guitar tones that utilize fairly restrained distortion; plunky basslines; strained, yelling vocals (and backup vocals) that have just a hint of "singing" buried in there; etc. And of course the songwriting, which falls to the more ruggedly melodic side of things (as opposed to the more angular and abrasive style) and flows along at a midpaced stroll while possessing a a genuine sense of emotion and atmosphere. This is another one of those situations (which I always find quite impressive, really) where you could throw this up on some random blog and label it an obscure, out of print 7" from 1995 and I'd believe it. Hear the evidence below:

The 7" is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl with silk-screened covers, so pick one up while you still can if this is your thing...

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  1. A shame no one commented on this, this is some excellent stuff right here. The review’s right on the money too, this indeed does sound like a genuine ‘90s golden-era emo, high on raw emotion and feeling, low on pose and sappiness. Made me revisit the Ebullition catalog and check out the bands I’ve missed out on, discovering some true gems in the process.

    Job well done.

    8.24.2011 | By Chris