Withdrawal “Faith, Flesh, and Blood” 7”

Withdrawal - Faith, Flesh, and BloodAnother recent release from A389 Recordings, "Faith, Flesh, and Blood" is the latest EP from Canadian outfit Withdrawal. Expect four tracks (three on the vinyl plus one bonus track if you purchase the album digitally or use the download code included with each copy of the 7") that continue their brand of thrashy metallic hardcore. For the most part these songs are significantly longer than those on 2009's "Unknown Misery" EP, but interestingly enough the overall attack seems a hint more vicious and to the point. You'll find a sample or a somber clean passage here and there, but for the most part the compositions lean heavily on gnashing riffs and tactfully chunky midpaced breaks—though "Kingdom Come" does focus more on the pounding midpaced tempos and subtle melodies; while the six-minute "Rotten Hell" drops some Slayer-esque riffing before closing with a computerized voice reciting passages from Robert DeGrimston's "Satan on War" over eerie acoustic guitars and washes of atmospheric noise textures. The production values feel just a bit more rugged and in your face this time around as well, which gives everything a thicker and more energetic vibe that brings a nice balance to the character of the material. Awesome bass presence, too!

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  1. I hope people are paying attention to how fucking awesome Withdrawal is. This is a great progression of their sound from the last EP. And A389 is definitely the most consistently on point label in hardcore right now.

    7.24.2011 | By Marcus

  2. Fuckin’ Awesome!

    7.25.2011 | By Anonymous

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Withdrawal is one of the better acts out there doing this kind of thing right now, if not THE best. I reviewed both their discs at recently. Oh and yes A389 is fucking ace when it comes to delivering uncompromising, wicked new hardcore. Definately one of my favourite labels right now.

    8.2.2011 | By blaquepope

  4. This EP is way too fucking sick. Dig the interludes between songs. This band never stops putting out new unique shit.

    8.8.2011 | By Dave

  5. This 7’ shreds in all it’s bloody glory. Amazing artwork too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8.14.2011 | By Khalil Boulos