Windhand “s/t” CD/LP

Windhand - s/tFrom Richmond, VA comes the self-titled full-length debut from Windhand (compliments of Forcefield Records). And let me tell you... I'd put this right up there with Electric Wizard in terms of just fucking superb, unstoppable doom. The songs range from five to 10+ minutes and are all powerfully ominous, heavy as hell, and aside from some droning, fuzzed-out leads they don't really mess around with that rocked out stuff either. Just top-notch slow, pulsing riffs in that classic, Sabbath-influenced vein (as opposed to more of a death/doom leaning) and killer singing that has a darker, more somber feeling than most acts of this nature (and adds some nice melody, too). I certainly wouldn't say they're trying to break new ground or anything like that, but they do take an existing approach and perfect every single aspect of it, which results in an excellent sense of atmosphere all around. The recording is nice and thick with just the right amount of density and grit, the vocals are mixed deep in against the instruments... everything about this is just dead on. I hate to keep it so brief, but it's a pretty consistent album so I don't really know what else to say. Every fan of this style should be absolutely flipping out over Windhand, 'cause in terms of this niche it really doesn't get any better. This band could definitely turn out to be "kind of a big deal", I'd say...

Windhand "Winter Sun"
Windhand "Black Candles"
Windhand "Heap Wolves"

You can pre-order the LP's now, and CD's should also be available within a few more weeks...

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Forcefield Records (black vinyl)
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  1. this is absolutely brilliant!

    12.6.2011 | By andy

  2. I was hoping for something more in the vein of Pallbearer when I quickly go across the review and saw word doom but this sound great anyway. I hope they won’t split up before CD will be released. :) You need to write more reviews of doom albums. :)

    12.6.2011 | By Carlos

  3. I’m not sure I would put them in the same league as Electric Wizard yet, this is no doubt some great stuff.

    12.6.2011 | By Johnny