Whirr “June” 7”

Whirr - JuneThe latest from Oakland, CA's Whirr (formerly known as Whirl) is "June", an amazing two-song 7" released by Tee Pee Records. I guess this is what you'd call "shoegaze", which is a style I'm not terribly familiar with, but I definitely dig this genre when I encounter it done well, and I really flipped out over this band from the second I pressed play. Expect a lot of jangly chords; shimmery clean passages; pulsing basslines; and soft, distant singing that's buried right in the heart of the mix. Opener "Junebouvier" is the more energetic and bouncy of the tracks, while "Sundae" has a little more of a stripped down, somber drone to it. Both compositions are just awesome, though. The recording is of course a little on the raw side in terms of utilizing warm, fuzzy distortion and flanger-like effects, but that approach obviously makes perfect sense here, and is a great fit for the overall aesthetic of the material. With just two songs in about seven minutes there's only so much to say, but the 7" absolutely does its job by leaving you wanting more. That being said, this is the second EP the band has released within the last six months (their previous outing, "Distressor", is also absolutely excellent), so I'll be psyched if that level of productivity continues, 'cause I can't get enough of this stuff. So, so good. Highly recommended.

This one's limited to a mere 250 copies on "Coke bottle" green vinyl, so act now before they're all sold out!

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  1. Wow! This shit is top notch and sooo catchy. Love it.
    But sometimes it scares me a little bit how we dig the same kind of music.
    Thanks for keeping this site awesome!

    10.27.2011 | By Ingo