Weak Teeth, What a Plague You Are (Flannel Gurl/Tor Johnson, 2011)

"What a Plague You Are" is the debut LP from Providence, RI's Weak Teeth (released by Flannel Gurl Records and Tor Johnson Records), offering up 11 songs in about 24 minutes. I guess you could refer to this as weirdly aggressive melodic hardcore with emo/"screamo" leanings. It's interesting because there's something about this material that really does possess that early- to mid-90's D.I.Y. emo/"screamo" vibe, but there's more to it than that, and the more I listen to it the more unsure I am of how to accurately describe it. After "With Love, From the Great War" (a pretty epic intro with acoustic guitars, samples, and spoken vocals), for the most part the tracks revolve around fast-paced and high-energy chord progressions with some loose/jangly riffing here and there, while the vocals tend to stick with strained yelling. Almost every song runs less than two minutes, but then closer "Blue Skies, Shit Life" all of a sudden shifts to 9+ minutes—combining the band's usual fare with slower, plodding instrumental passages and more musical exploration. Despite the often sarcastic song titles the lyrics are always serious, and the band definitely comes across as sincere and heartfelt. Whatever you want to call it, it's really, really good. I'm not saying enough here, but... listen for yourself and see what you think. I, for one, am glad that bands like this still exist in this day and age.

We are completely alone. Trace the end in our fossils, nothing to blame but our need to fuck over and feed. Fiending, buying, occupying. You're dead already, walk around. You're suicidal and depressed. Convince yourself you're not a mess, you're nothing. We are animals thinning out the herd. Non-biological germs. Man is a virus as far as the earth is concerned.

The LP is available on green or black vinyl, or you can grab mp3's for just $3...

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  1. This is damn good stuff. I live right near Ebullition Records, which definitely comes to mind. Actually I’m going over there after lunch to buy some records… crust and hxc stuff, none of them 90s emo joints they released, but anyway. Between this and that My Fictions record it’s like, where the fuck did this Flannel Gurl label come from?

    2.2.2012 | By Marcus

  2. yep, damn good! that’s right! you also have to listen to their first self-titled record which is also awesome.

    and read this new interview from Weak teeth on my blog!
    here it is :

    2.19.2012 | By blastind D