Video Premiere: Cosmonaut, “Tangled”

I'm not gonna lie: for the most part, I'm just not into music videos. But I fuckin' love Cosmonaut, and the undeniably catchy post-hardcore/alt. rock goodness of "Tangled" remains my favorite track from the group's phenomenal self-titled full-length from 2015. So, if they ask, "Are you interested in premiering the video?" My answer is a swift, "Sure!"

Recorded by Chad and Todd Ritsema at MDMTN—and edited by William Saunders—using  vintage digital cameras to achieve a '90s aesthetic, the footage was shot at various shows during Cosmonaut's 2016 tour.

Read a bit more about "Tangled" here, stream or purchase the album here, and if you like what you hear, spread the word, alright? Us fans have gotta help these bands try to get the attention they deserve, and I'd still contend that Cosmonaut should be far more widely recognized!