Video Premiere: Chain Gang Grave, “Aviary”

Appearing on Chain Gang Grave's 2015 sophomore EP, Bury Them and Keep Quiet, "Aviary" is a succinct, two-minute plunge down the group's one-way rabbit hole—a genre-defiant patchwork of uniquely dissonant aggression. Filmed in the band's Hurricane Sandy-ravaged basement rehearsal/recording space, the core footage aims to immerse the viewer in Chain Gang Grave's own perspective of writing and recording music.

Regarding the track's pointed lyrical perspective, vocalist Young Al Bundy states:

"Aviary" is a song about the cages we build and trap ourselves inside of. About our basest animal instincts. It's a song about how we try to be free, but are burnt up by the sun. About migrating but never escaping, drinking from the fountain but never feeling quenched. Most of all, "Aviary" is about the flock turning in against itself, and bits of flesh and feathers falling from the sky.

Oh, and fun fact: if that couch looks familiar, that's because it came from the set of Headbangers Ball—as did the wall art, painted by Rob Zombie!

Bury Them and Keep Quiet is available on cassette, to stream, or download via Bandcamp.


  1. Very cool vid!

    1.23.2017 | By Josh Salant