Review: Vegas, Tetralogy (Self-Released, 2019)

Sometimes a band mentions on social media that a new release is "coming soon," and "soon" might turn out to be, say, a mere eight hours later. And so it was that the first Vegas release of 2019, Tetralogy, crept into existence. Credited as "Vegas featuring 647," I was informed that this outing is a collaboration with "one of the fine young gentlemen who ran Finnish label Cartel Records" in the late-'90s/early-'00s. That little tidbit should absolutely get your attention, and may explain in part the degree to which this material lands with such a succinctly aggressive impact.

Minute-long instrumental opener, "Emanation," is cited to feature Mike Stack—presumably he of Troy, NY heavyweights Dying Breed, amongst others?—and quickly surprises with straightforward and crisply-produced chugs alongside slick dual guitar harmonies: relatively simple, yet beautifully effective.

"Fulcanelli" then instantly finds T's demonically enshrouded vocals making their presence known—make no mistake, this is, in fact, Vegas. It's another under-two-minute bruiser backed by driving percussion and churning power chord rhythms topped with excellently sinister, spiraling melodies.

"Skuld" breaks out the inevitable classic Cleveland influences in flawless form, at times driven toward a faster and thrash-tinged level of ferocity—not unlike Ringworm with an even more chaotically searing vocal delivery.

The only selection topping two minutes, "Occupations" is slightly longer, slightly slower, and grants its equally crunchy rhythms more of a metal-centric touch.

Less than seven minutes in total, Tetralogy is over in a flash, but its brevity does not at all diminish its standing as a unique and immediately noteworthy entry amidst the group's ever-expanding discography. I must admit that the sharper production values alone hit hard and leave a strong impression right off the bat. I'm shocked to report that there are no plans for a physical release at this time, but hopefully that will change. Interested parties should certainly reach out to the band and remedy this matter!

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