Vegas “Never” CD

Vegas - NeverRecorded back in 2002—2003 and originally released by Superhero Records in 2004 as the "Wake" CD (for which you can read my more detailed archived review here), "Never" is the recently issued Frequency Deleted Records re-release of the debut full-length from the ever-intriguing and unpredictable Vegas. Bookended by dark ambient experimental noise pieces (the latter of which was supplied by Never Presence Forever), the bulk of the album's 14 tracks in just 38 minutes are based around Integrity's "holy terror" brand of metallic hardcore, complete with short, intense bursts of raging shouts/screams and explosive solos—while darker and more adventurous experimentation comes by way of a few Death in June-esque "apocalyptic folk" compositions (which are quite fucking well done, I might add)—not unlike vocalist T's later excursions with the Roses Never Fade project. I can't help but feel like the raw and somewhat inconsistent recording quality still hinders some of the band's true potential, but even still, 4+ years after the fact the power of their vision still stands.

The re-release supplies similar though subtly improved artwork, though the complete and total lack of any text within the booklet is somewhat of an odd choice given the group's curious lyrical content and the various combinations of musical contributors throughout (among them appearances by Dwid and former Pale Creation guitarist Matt Shack). The tracklist on the back cover is also almost entirely wrong, correctly identifying a mere four of the 14 songs (the actual sequencing is the same as that of the 2004 "Wake" release)—granted, when it comes to Vegas, that could've been some sort of inexplicably intentional act of obscurity!? Also included as a new bonus is a cryptic black and white video for an alternate version of "Becoming the Night", from the recently issued split 7" with Moutheater, which is a nice touch. So, minor little issues aside, for the many who likely missed this album in its original incarnation, this is indeed worth investigating. And here's to hoping that more long overdue new material from Vegas will see the light sooner rather than later!

Vegas "Wake"
Vegas "Fruition"

In this stillness I wear a careless glance, destiny unfolded, no words could explain, when the caring's gone, purpose stands sour, echo of silence has exceeded its powers, delirium's realm, through ignorance and error, destroying the balance, no savior for my sakes, deprived of the duality, entertained with solitude, severed from all reason, until the very end of me.


Frequency Deleted Records


  1. If you don’t have “Wake” get this asap, in fact even if you have “Wake” get it anyway.

    11.4.2008 | By POI

  2. I’d never heard of this band until you posted the 7” with Moutheater, but I need to go out and educate myself immediately ... totally awesome.  Wasn’t “Fruition” on the Roses Never Fade album as well?

    11.4.2008 | By Anonymous

  3. can someone upload a correct track listing if the track listing is incorrect on the back of the cd?

    11.4.2008 | By california

  4. The CDDB info when you put the CD in a computer is correct.  I’ll post the correct tracklist here later on regardless…

    11.4.2008 | By Andrew Aversionline

  5. sweet album, they are gonna release with Integrity soon

    11.4.2008 | By jimson

  6. please post the tracklisting

    any info on the INTEGRITY / VEGAS?

    11.8.2008 | By blind to faith

  7. Here is the correct tracklist:

    1. Storms of Steel (intro)
    2. Pleasures Received in Pain
    3. Delirium’s Realm
    4. Fruition
    5. Exile’s Departure
    6. Bondage of Time
    7. Feel the Leash
    8. Final Incision
    9. No Way But Out
    10. Rhythm of Decline
    11. Wake
    12. Inner Sanctum
    13. Cure My Heart From Beating
    14. Sagevisule (recorded by Never Presence Forever)

    All I know about the Vegas/Integrity split is that it’s slated for release on Holy Terror Records in a limited edition with special packaging, much like the Holy Terror label’s early releases back in the 90’s.  I think Vegas’ vocals are the only element remaining to be recorded, but I’m not 100% certain of that.

    11.8.2008 | By Andrew Aversionline

  8. sweet! hope that the VVegas mission merch shirt will be available soon

    11.11.2008 | By eyes rolls back

  9. the original track listing for this is in the first release WAKE this is the re-issue

    5.14.2009 | By Khalil Boulos