Review: Vegas, Catatonic Crawl/No Evom (Vegas Jugend, 2015)

As touched upon in our recent interview, Catatonic Crawl/No Evom is an ultra-limited Vegas release (disseminated by Vegas-only label Vegas Jugend) that one can actually still purchase at the time of this writing—a one-sided lathe-cut 7" limited to merely 10 copies. The thick, clear record is sheathed in a plain black sleeve with the Vegas logo and track titles stickered onto the front—additional postcards and stickers included within. (Another, more intricate edition, has—of course—already sold out.)

Offering two songs in about three minutes, "Catatonic Crawl" combines a surprisingly peppy, charging hardcore/punk chord progression with a blown out take on Boss HM-2 distortion, aggressively reverbed and layered vocals, and bits of piercing feedback—building up to a faux breakdown that instead gives way to acoustic guitars and distant solos alongside panned layers of whispered speaking. Soon after, "No Evom" creeps in for a succinct punch of relentlessly raging Japanese-styled hardcore to close. (Never too easy, you'll find this release on Bandcamp titled I am as I am not., complete with alternate artwork.)

Two other such releases recently sold out almost immediately. The first was a second-run pressing of the fantastic Sagevisule EP on cassette—also limited to 10 copies. In fine Vegas fashion issued on bright yellow tapes, sans tracklist; with a folded-up, two-sided printout of the original 7" artwork in a cassette case (color on the front, reversed in black and white on the back) wrapped in an obi strip bearing the Vegas logo. Then, housed in a tight-fitting, hand-numbered cardboard box stamped with the Vegas Jugend logo and adorned with a splatter-painted holy terror 4P emblem, wrapped again in a torn strip of camouflage fabric within a Vegas logo pin in the center. The other—which I've neither seen nor heard at this time—a lathe-cut 5" called A Herd That Will Not Thin, from Sin-Eater Records (limited to 33 copies and sold out within days).

As I type this, I'm shocked to report that five copies of Catatonic Crawl/No Evom remain. Interested parties should act quickly... unless you prefer the thrill of the hunt.

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