Vain, “Inside Out,” from Rolling With the Punches (Jackie Rainbow, 2017)

As I restlessly await Amazon's delivery of my Rolling With the Punches CD, I decided to see if any tracks from the album had hit YouTube yet. From what I can tell so far, Vain's first new album in six years continues to astound with big riffs and bigger choruses—shit, even near-ballad cuts like "Inside Out" are ripe for an impassioned, foot-stompin' sing-along!

I'm telling you, Davy Vain is a fuckin' genius, and for my money Vain is the only "hair metal" (if you must) band that's still releasing top-shelf material worthy of their late-'80s legacy. I can certainly think of no other such group for whose new record I would shell out a steep $16.99 without even flinching. (If the music takes me back to 1989, I guess it's only fair that the price should, too, ha!)

Though I haven't heard it yet, of course, Rolling With the Punches also looks to include a re-recording of an incredible old demo tune from 1988 called "Deliver the Passion"—so incredible, in fact, that I bugged Davy about it on Twitter a year ago—so I can't fuckin' wait 'til this damn package shows up!