v/a “All Thrashed Out and No Place to Go!” compilation CD

v/a - All Thrashed Out and No Place to Go! - compilationI've been meaning to post this absolute gem of compilation for at least two years now (seriously, I even mentioned it here in December of 2005), and now I'm finally getting around to it. By far the coolest thing anyone has done for me since I started this site was when Brian Livoti from Watchmaker gave me this CD some years back because he figured I might enjoy it since all of the bands on the compilation—which was released in fucking 1989—are from Maryland and Virginia. Unfortunately only two of the bands are from Virginia, with the main focus being on the Baltimore area—seeing as the disc was released by Baltimore area radio station 97 Underground (which apparently still exists)—but fuck that, 'cause it's late-80's thrash, so I'm all over it no matter what! I assume this will be well appreciated what with the genre's "resurgence" that's going on right now, too, so... eat up!

[DOWNLOAD] "All Thrashed Out and No Place to Go!" (@ Mediafire)

You're god damn right I'm posting the entire CD this time (with scans of the whole booklet included), 'cause there's no fucking way in hell you're ever gonna find a copy of this thing. Google it. Fucking three results! Only three!? Insane!

As you might expect from nine obscure demo tracks, the sound and songwriting quality varies significantly, but as far I'm concerned there's not a truly weak song in the bunch. I'll do a quick track-by-track rundown below, and you can check out the scans of the booklet (and in a scarce few cases Encyclopaedia Metallum) for a little bit of background information on the bands. And I do mean a little bit!

1. Skeleton "Victim"—Super high-pitched vocals, but the riffs kick ass and the song itself is fairly catchy. Very solid when all is said and done. I'd be more than happy to hear more from these guys.

2. Deadly Aggressor "Act of Lunacy"—These cats are actually listed on the Encyclopaedia Metallum website, but there's jackshit for info. I guess this is from their second of three demos. One of the rawest tracks on the compilation. Not bad, though.

3. Wreckage "Violence Breeds Violence"—Also listed at Encyclopaedia Metallum, these guys did four demos. This track is from the third. Short but sweet, like the Skeleton track, but much harsher and more straightforward: So no frilly vocals, ha, ha! Definitely a little bit of a Slayer thing going on.

4. Pestilent "Metal We Die"—Complete and total Megadeth worship. Mustaine-like vocals over fast riffing and writing that wouldn't have been too out of place on "Killing is My Business..." Not a carbon copy by any means, but absolutely sounds like early Megadeth. Needs a little work, but otherwise I'm not saying that's a bad thing!

5. Saboteur "The Hunt"—Another shorter, harsher track. A little more original sounding somehow, though oddly enough this is one of the less memorable tracks for me. Solid chorus, though. I don't know. Decent song, decent song.

6. Chemikill "Relentless Horror (The Final Annihilation)"—Despite the name, they sound absolutely nothing like Exodus. Fairly standard thrash. Not too fast, nothing too technical, not particularly catchy or melodic, etc. This band is also listed at Encyclopaedia Metallum, and they continued into the 90's, so maybe they were a little late to the game?

7. Caustic Affliction "Cremation"—Not only do they boast the best track on the compilation, but Caustic Affliction had one of the greatest band names ever... and obviously loved Slayer. The breakdown that kicks in at about 1:11 is one of the best fucking riffs in the history of thrash. Seriously. (And after years of searching, oddly enough some kind soul sent me a link to download their demo just hours after I wrote this post the other night. Killer!)

8. Requiem "Rampage"—Much like Pestilent, Requiem seemed to be way into the Megadeth kinda thing. Vocals are a little rough, as is the recording, but the basslines totally kick ass and the use of melody's pretty slick. This is more creative, that's for sure.

9. Legion "For We are Many"—The chorus in this song is the fucking shit. Total gold. I defy you to deny this fact. Sadly it'll be next to impossible to find any information on this band because they're called Legion. Even I was in a band called Legion once for like a month. Fuck.

And last but most definitely not least, if anyone that used to play in any of the bands on this compilation stumbles upon this post and can hook me up with any mp3's, CD-R's, or even dubbed cassettes of old material from these groups, please fucking get in touch with me. Especially if you were in Caustic Affliction, motherfuckers! Thank you!


  1. I remember when you mentioned this compilation in Watchmaker: Erased From the memory of the man review. I wanted to find it but I hadn’t have any luck.

    thanks man!

    1.25.2008 | By someone else

  2. Interesting. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this,

    you have been emailed though

    1.25.2008 | By Birkir

  3. Hey!

    I can’t download Caustic Affliction demo. Can you please post it here?

    1.26.2008 | By Anonymous

  4. The link for the Caustic Affliction demo is:

    I don’t know why that guy makes people “get creative” to figure it out on his blog.  I can’t imagine any band is going to get angry over him posting a painfully rare demo tape from 1988, but… hey, whatever, ha, ha.

    1.26.2008 | By Andrew Aversionline

  5. my buddies dad helped run this station and had a box of these cds in his basement when i was there a few years ago so i grabbed one and you are right, its the tight jawns. hahahah

    1.26.2008 | By john hicks

  6. what is the password? this is crazy :(((

    1.26.2008 | By Anonymous

  7. sorry for another post. I didn’t notice what is the correct password. now it work.

    sorry again for so many posts.

    1.26.2008 | By Anonymous

  8. I could hear a lot of Flotsam and Jetsam in there as well as some Holy Terror. It reminded my of my high school days (85-89) where thrash was dominant and death metal was just starting to develop. Thanks a lot for the post!

    1.27.2008 | By watsonmason

  9. Hello Andrew

    Since that you’re very much interested with the whole 80’s thrash metal scene, would you like to review Mahatma “perseverance”?  Mahatma is from Korea and they play 80’s Bay Area style of Thrash metal.  You can take a listen to some of the song from the album at . And if you like what you’ll hear, please let me know and we will send you a copy of their CD for review.

    1.28.2008 | By allan

  10. What’s the password? I’m sure it’s right in front of my face and I can’t find it

    1.29.2008 | By Chris

  11. Try as the password for the Caustic Affliction demo.  I can’t even remember how the hell I figured that out now, ha…

    1.29.2008 | By Andrew Aversionline

  12. if you open the .rar file you will find .txt file inside i think. here is the password. Pretty clever way to hide passwords ;)

    1.30.2008 | By Anonymous

  13. Caustic Affliction fucking rules! Thanks.

    1.30.2008 | By Anonymous

  14. Wow, this was freakin’ cool.  I enjoyed every track except the Requiem one.  And Caustic Affliction are something else.  Some of these cats could really play.  Thanks for putting this up.  I’ll probably listen to this comp more in the future than some other much more well-known thrash comps I have.

    1.31.2008 | By Invisible Oranges

  15. Fucking killer, man! Thank you so much for sharing this, it made my week. Deadly Aggressor is fucking amazing!

    2.10.2008 | By David @ Metal Bastard

  16. hey thanks a lot! and great lowdown on the whole thing
    much apprechiated! the comp and demo alone are more than I could wish for but fingers crossed if some of these cats find this and post some demos etc… \m/

    2.11.2008 | By DownInFlames

  17. I am the bassist from Pestilent. I found this writeup looking for anything relating to the song we did. I found lastfm posting our song “Metal We Die” with a picture of another band, not us. I know there was another band from that era called Pestilence but I was shocked to see someone even listens to this CD anymore.

    Thanks for the comment

    9.13.2008 | By jryan

  18. This is to jryan:  Is there any way I can get a copy of the Pestilent stuff.  I just need the music, not an original.  Like Andrew said, great early Megadeth sound.  I love the song.  So if you ever read this, let me know.

    1.9.2009 | By WarChild

  19. I have the Deadly Aggressor 2 demo tape as well as this all thrashed out…. Also I have a shirts from Legion and Deadly Aggressor.  What is the password to the Caustic Affliction demo?  Could someone re-up the All Thrashed Out…?

    3.30.2009 | By ianmd

  20. I have the original Caustic Affliciton if you need it.  Plust I ripped my cd of All Thrashed Out.  If you need them, email me.

    4.6.2009 | By WarChild

  21. My email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    If anyone else wants to trade demos from the 80s and early 90s, feel free to email me.  I have 1000s of demos.

    4.6.2009 | By WarChild

  22. I found this cassette the other day at a flea market in Abilene, Tx. only 3 bucks and the tape isnt faded at all. just wonder how it got to west texas from baltimore…. violence breeds, VIOLENCE!!

    10.12.2009 | By Fuckin A

  23. Can you reup this please? It won’t download. I was friends with many of these bands back in the late 80’s and saw them live many times. I lost all my tapes back in the day. I would love to get a copy of this!
    Check out the band RANCID DECAY from baltimore. They were always my favorite.  Google their name and im sure you can find there demos to download somewhere.

    10.13.2009 | By Metalgod

  24. Fucking Legion was the most talented trio I have ever heard! Everyone wants to get recordings of these undiscovered metal geniuses. Metallica slash Rush was their style! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were underground when Metallica,slayer,exodus,venom,..... were underground!

    4.30.2010 | By Mike Weddle


    9.9.2010 | By I AGREE WITH MIKE WEDDLE

  26. Hey Mike Weddle funny! The Legion comment would seem somewhat biased. That is since you were the bassist. Oh well, I guess shameless plugs are fair game. By the way how are you and your brother doing?

    @WarChild I do not have any of our material. We had an early demo with four songs under another band name and then the compilation. There may be a demo floating around on the web. We used to be called Kyrupting Force. (I think that is how we spelled it.)

    The funny thing about the Megadeth comment is we didn’t even listen to Megadeth yet when we wrote that material for that. We were mostly in to Slayer, Anthrax, COC, SOD etc.
    I guess I can see where that comes from though. With the riffing and drums following one another in megadeth fashion.

    10.18.2010 | By joeryan

  27. Hey Mike do you have a copy of the “For we are many” dome. I had it years ago. I used to see you guys all the time!

    10.19.2010 | By metalgod

  28. Hey metalgod,there were alot of Mike Weddle’s out there.The guy that wrote the the testomony works with me in Seattle! He’s 29 years old! Weddle would have to be in his 40’s by now…..

    4.9.2011 | By Joe Noroda

  29. If that is a different Mike Weddle, I stand corrected. The Mike from Legion was a friend from way back. I actually was the drummer before playing bass in the band with the singer/song writer who played in Legion with Mike. They definately were not underground when Metallica/Venom/Slayer were underground. Legion was together well after Master of Puppets release which I wouldn’t consider remotely a underground release. I actually quit playing drums and began playing bass to play in the band that became Pestilent. Bass was what I was destined to play but drums will always be an added flavor to my style and connection with drums and drummers after playing bass though, if that makes any sense :)

    4.10.2011 | By joeryan

  30. My son Joe!

    12.23.2011 | By Anonymous

  31. Hello,I’m glad people are still interested in this great old stuff! I couldn’t help but to notice there are alot of Mike Weddle’s in the world that our Legion fans!  Do not be confused,I’m the old bass player….key word old! My son may have posted at some point. He grew up with Legion. We used to bring him out to all the Mosh Fests in his full Legion attire,including his Legion mosh cap!!!! Those were great times for me,and if it wasn’t for Mike Mohr’s physical tragedy;we would have kept going.I believe we were on the cusp of doing some very special material. For the record,I was playing underground metal with a ripping guitar player Nat Bradley,(pre-Yngwie),in the early 1980’s.He was very talented,and at the time a very angry guitar player.I was a very angry guitar player that converted to bass.That was some pretty volital shit! Thanks!

    2.7.2012 | By Mike Weddle Sr.....

  32. My youngest son Brad 16 is a young shredder. Totally a throw back,but with MAD chops! He is a big fan of death metal. We did the Summer Slaughter tour with him down at the Sonar…....Shades of old. A great time with a show full of great young people. The bands were nothing less than excellent! They are keeping metal alive! As Brad progresses;and surrounds himself with comparable talent ;I will post links to him. Not to be missed! Thanks for all kind words,and keep living METAL!

    2.7.2012 | By Mike Weddle Sr

  33. I stumbled over this post while once again looking for Legion’s demo. I have this CD from back in the day, and used to see all the bands play around when I was a kid. Legion, specifically, I used to see play parties in my friend’s basement in Perry Hall… as well as various shows at the Middle River Firehall, etc. I had their single song “Nightmare” demo and “For We Are Many” demo. Both have been lost over the years. In addition to losing those demos, I had an awesome drawing that Mike (Mohr) did of the band that he gave me. In any event… if you have a copy of this demo or the CAUSTIC AFFLICTION demo, please let me know. Megaupload was shut down by the government. Haha. Take care.

    PS: I have all of the Chemikill demos.

    2.29.2012 | By AA

  34. Here’s the DEADLY AGGRESSOR demos if anyone’s interested.

    The CHEMIKILL demos as well..

    2.29.2012 | By Spawn

  35. I used to roadie (ie. drink a ton of beer with) Legion and can tell you first hand that Mike, Mike & Rick were the SHIT. Soooo many jams in Rick’s basement to remember but they could play any Rush, Megadeth or Misfits tune on cue and never miss a note. Fucking Awesome. Too bad abt what happened later tho.

    8.13.2012 | By Ritch


                              “IZ DAT THE END?......NO BITCH”!

    10.28.2012 | By Rellllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  37. Mike, Of course. I was there when you recorded it! I helped move all your shit (esp. Rick’s super massive kit) into the studio in Hamilton. You still playing?

    12.7.2012 | By Ritch

  38. Wish I had time bro. Running 2 businesses iz wearing me out. Never stopped loving this good old stuff.  Both of my boys are banging around in the circuit. My youngest Brad who is a shredder,just got done playing The Side Bar downtown.  Keep posted. His band is going through personel changes. He will start playing with dudes that can keep up with him!!!!!!!!!!

    12.11.2012 | By Rellllllllllllllllllllllllll

  39. I can tell you that the bands Deadly Aggressor, Chemikill, and Legion played every thrash show in Baltimore. They did shows for Ezekiel’s Wheel, if you contacted Dundalk Hideaway Leather they may know how to find Zeek. I know the drummer of Legion is Rick Mason, the band played several of my parties in Perry Hall when I was 15. Rick last I had herd played drums in a Rush tribute band in Baltimore. If you can get in touch with the guys in Godsmack they would know all of these bands. Shannon was the drummer from Wrathchild America a Virginia band at that time. Wish I could help more it was great to hear these songs on youtube just a few min. ago. Good Luck

    4.21.2013 | By Robert Reynolds

  40. What is up Ritch! You are right, remember my parties in Perry Hall? Do you remember me and my friends opening for them, playing MOD?

    You still talk to any of the guys?

    4.21.2013 | By Robert Reynolds

  41. yes, my house, I said that.

    4.21.2013 | By Robert Reynolds

  42. Of course. Those were some of the best times I ever had. Unfortunatley I don’t see or talk with them much. They were some of my best friends but when they imploded everyone seemed to go their separate ways. I did jam with Rick (drummer) on a couple of occasions and even saw him in an ADIDAS outlet in Gettysburg but we never really talked again. Too bad tho, I really loved those guys.

    8.13.2013 | By Ritch

  43. Does anyone have the Saboteur, Requiem, or Legion demos?  I’ve been looking for many years.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    8.24.2016 | By DemoNic

  44. I second this! I’ve found some stuff by Skeleton, Deadly Aggressor, Wreckage, and Caustic Affliction, but not much else. Would love to hear more from Legion, especially.

    8.25.2016 | By Andrew Aversionline