Review: Ungeromimizu “Tre Steg Til Et Enkelt Frafall” CS

I think this tape has been sitting here for a long time now and I just forgot about it, but included herein are four tracks recorded from 2001 - 2005 of wild 'n' crazy noise experimentation from this Norwegian madman. While this kind of stuff isn't normally my thing, I've always enjoyed Ungeromimizu's work not only for its pure insanity and just plain weird identity, but because of the attitude behind it and the manner in which it's presented - which is among the only tactful uses of lighthearted humor and sarcasm (albeit often rather subdued) that I can actually appreciate... especially in the noise world! The title track opens up with a number of blaringly loud assaults on the eardrums and eventually settles on some sparse, repetitious loops in "T?rrlagt Seilas Til Helvete" - which basically undergo various manipulations in terms of tone and consistency of pulse for the remainder of side A. "76 ?r Siden 1981" on side B is actually pretty similar in delivery, just with a different rhythm that usually has more of a fluidity to it that kind of makes it sound like some kind of weird drum machine/old school video game laser sound. I'm not entirely sure, but after one brief space near the end of side B a similar thudding loop creeps in with some metallic reverb, so I guess that's "Enveis a Aere Seks Fot Under"? Honestly I could easily argue that there are no real tracks here, as everything is basically very similar and there's a lot of repetition, so it could have been presented as one massively long endurance test and no one would've questioned it. The cassette comes in an oversized sleeve with a killer looking cover that has some jumbled text arrangements and one stark photo of the band name/cassette title written on an outstretched arm. Good stuff there. Of course, honestly, the contents of this tape are simply not that enjoyable to listen to for such a long period of time, I could've easily settled for three to five minutes per "piece" (if not less), but for all I know the sole intention here is to hypnotize the listener with that constant throb into stripping naked and swearing themselves to the dark satanic legions of... I don't know... goats, or something. Or maybe he just wants you to get fed up with this noise stuff and listen to Journey's "Greatest Hits" more often? But seriously, I don't know!?

[Dada Drumming]
Running time - 40:00 (approximately), Tracks: 4
[Notable tracks: Are there really actually tracks!?]
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