Uncle Slam “Say Uncle” CD

Uncle Slam - Say UncleAs if I didn't rave about Divebomb Records enough last week, their latest release (which just came available for mailorder a week or so ago) is a long overdue reissue of Uncle Slam's 1988 debut, "Say Uncle". For some bizarre reason this album was never released on CD in the US back in the day, and always went for stupidly high prices on eBay, so until last week it remained the only Uncle Slam disc I was never able to get my hands on. For those unaware, Uncle Slam was a California thrash/crossover band that featured in its ranks a number of former Suicidal Tendencies members at one time or another (on this album it was ex-ST drummer Amery Smith). I generally don't give two shits for much "lightheartedness" in music, but Uncle Slam has gotta be one of the most perfect bands names ever—especially for a group like this that has a good sense of energy and just minor little touches of tactful sarcasm/humor on rare occasion.

Given the lineup ties to Suicidal Tendencies I feel like the band has often been heavily compared to ST and a lot of the other classic Venice bands like Excel, No Mercy, etc. And that's not wholly inaccurate, there's definitely some of that vibe throughout their work, but... that's not the complete picture. For one thing, Uncle Slam was always leaning a little more towards the straight metal side from day one, balancing the bursts of speedy crossover vitality with solid midpaced crunch and loads of blazing leads. That foundation is pretty firm, but they also toss in some cool diversity in the form of quirky riffing and even a few unexpected spurts of mild melody, which all works surprisingly well amidst the zippy picking patterns and killer vocal arrangements. Rounding things out, as I've now come to expect from Divebomb, the original cover art adorns the front of the package, while brief liner notes and all of the lyrics are included within. And, of course, everything has been remastered. What more do you need? I was so damn excited to read the news of this re-release taking place, and I can confidently state that this will be among the best reissues of the year. No doubt. I don't give a shit if it's only February. It's fucking Uncle Slam, man!

Uncle Slam "Executioner"

This one's not officially released until next week, but it's shipping now, and if you order within the next few days you'll get free shipping in the US. As mentioned before, if you like what you hear, please purchase a copy and support the phenomenal efforts of this label. I can only imagine what they'll accomplish in the future if they can keep this shit going!

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If you're interested, you can still grab the band's other two albums for dirt fuckin' cheap over at (and probably elsewhere, too). I will say, though, that having revisited their entire discography in the last couple of weeks, "When God Dies" doesn't really hold up that well. "Will Work for Food" is definitely worth picking up, though!


  1. Finally!  I have been searchin’ for this one since 1989!!!  Now if I can only get that DBC album on CD…

    2.11.2010 | By motorcitymadhouse

  2. I believe the DBC album got reissued on CD some time ago, but I know the prices to buy it direct from the band are ridiculously high.  I would think the fact that it was reissued should make it easier to find on eBay or whatnot for decent rates, though.  Who knows!?

    2.11.2010 | By Andrew Aversionline

  3. this was actually the only Uncle Slam album I ever had back in the day and I’m stoked to see that it’s available again. I think I was probably done with thrash by the time the other records came out.

    2.11.2010 | By Avi

  4. Thanks!

    and yes, Andrew is correct, the DBC albums were reissued several years ago.  Unlike original version of Universe, they have been split up into two different releases.  Universe is still a classic!

    2.11.2010 | By Matt

  5. Need to rob this label!;)

    2.11.2010 | By Carlos

  6. I love this shit.  I can’t believe how consistent this time period was for quality thrash.  Plus, you have to appreciate the passion that goes into running a label which focuses on releasing “unheard/overlooked” classics, instead of trying to turn a buck with the latest trend, regardless of quality.  I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this band, especially with a name like Uncle Slam (a perfect combo of cheesy brilliance).

    2.12.2010 | By paul

  7. Just got my Uncle Slam in the mail today and am jamming it as I write this.  Both this and the Solitude reissue you covered a week or so ago kick massive amounts of ass.  They sound GREAT and are really good examples of reissues done right (along with Formicide, natch).  Definitely keeping my eyes on Divebomb.

    2.18.2010 | By Karl J

  8. Always loved this record. Picked it up about a year after it came out and played it to death…still have the vinyl. Used to write to the drummer, Amery Smith, before he got sent out to the Gulf in the early 90’s. Think he was some part of the Beastie Boys band for a while too.

    Great record if you like Suicidal, so if you see it, buy it!

    3.5.2010 | By Andy

  9. My cassette of “Say Uncle” was stolen years ago.  So I had been steadily checking for a cd about every 6 months or so.  Finally, this wait is over.  I used to play these songs all the time on my guitar.  I just can’t believe I’m going to hear it in a few days!

    4.3.2010 | By BLACKvomulence

  10. I loved When God Dies! I have to say though, that Say Uncle was their best.

    11.12.2011 | By Martin