Ulf Cederlund and the Swarm of Souls, “Alone Again” (2016)

Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund has amassed one hell of a discography—and a fairly diverse one at that—throughout his years of work with Entombed (of course!), Murder Squad, Haystack, Disfear, and many more. But this new solo project—under the name Ulf Cederlund and the Swarm of Souls—is absolutely fucking phenomenal and really took me by surprise. (Thanks, It's a Trap!)

It actually kicks off with a little of that HM-2-ish grit; but it's so slow, strange, and sludgy that you immediately realize that this is something different. Next thing you know you're greeted by quirky layers of somber melody and things start sounding like an oddly heavy, morose take on an almost Archers of Loaf meets Superchunk style or something.

I for one can't fuckin' wait to hear more (and I'm in luck, as two additional tracks have just been added). I need a full album's worth of this stuff pronto...