Turnstile “Pressure to Succeed” 7”

Turnstile - Pressure to SucceedTurnstile's "Pressure to Succeed" was released earlier this year by Reaper Records, but I somehow managed not to hear it until last week. And someone please tell me how the hell this band's not getting more hype, especially since they've got Trapped Under Ice drummer Brendan Yates on vocals? That tidbit alone should draw them at least a little more attention, right!? Not to mention that this is some of the best hardcore I've heard in a long time. It kind of reminds me of the immediate energy of Allegiance's "Overlooked" (easily one of the best hardcore records of the 2000's) but with more of a heavy, midpaced groove to it. They're obviously drawing from a lot of 90's NYHC influences, but it's awesome because they're blending the hard, chugging rhythms with slick melodic tendencies and absolutely awesome vocal patterns, so the material has a little bit of a different vibe to it—maybe like if Leeway's "Open Mouth Kiss" had more in common with "Desperate Measures"? I don't know, but it fuckin' rules. Six songs in less than 15 minutes and I'm all over this!

Turnstile "Heavy Hand"
Turnstile "Pressure to Succeed"

I believe all of the 7"s include download codes, and this thing comes highly recommended. I can't wait to hear more from these cats...

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  1. Love this EP.  Super hard but also a little different at the same time.  It was also a nice bridge until the new Trapped Under Ice, which is completely insane.

    10.12.2011 | By Johnny

  2. I’m repeating myself but this sounds awesome! :)

    10.12.2011 | By Carlos