Track Premiere: Ape!, “Broodish Thug”

We're psyched to debut this grungy, stompin', surprisingly catchy cut from new and improved Philly trio Ape! "Broodish Thug" will appear on the group's forthcoming album, Hunting With the Lord, out November 20th on Reptilian Records, and now available for pre-order on CD or LP:

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Here's "Broodish Thug," followed by a mini interview with the band's guitarist/vocalist, Louis Sarris.

It's been a few years since I last heard what Ape! was up to. It feels like you've picked up the pace a touch and injected a catchier sense of immediacy into the songwriting. (I mean, shit, this tune's rockin' handclaps! Hell yeah!) How would you describe/explain this subtle evolution in the band's approach over the last few years?

Shortly before recording Hunting With the Lord, Greg (our drummer) joined the band. He has a more straight-ahead, rock-influenced style of playing than our former drummer did, so that played a big part in shaping the songs. We also decided to keep some of the structures a little simpler, because you can't argue with a good pop song, and every pop song worth its salt has handclaps in it. Recording the album ourselves also allowed us more time to explore production elements, which has had a lot to do with our new sound.

"Broodish Thug" is a great song title. I haven't seen the lyrics, so could you discuss what's going on lyrically and/or the inspiration behind the track?

"Broodish Thug" is a song about hating your job. I wrote it about a place that I worked at with Greg a few years back, but the sentiment can be applied to every job I've had since. All I can think about at work is all the stuff I would rather be doing with my time, so I have to think of things to distract myself until I can leave and do what I actually care about.

How did you get hooked up with Reptilian Records for the release of Hunting With the Lord?

We played a show with the Mike Hard Band that Chris X from Reptilian set up for them. After the show, he bought some merch and we talked a bit. A few months later, he showed up at one of the first shows we played out with Greg, and I mentioned to him that we were working on a new record. He told me to call him when it was finished, so I did. After he heard it, he said he was interested in putting it out.