Song of the Day: Tilted, “Honest,” from Washed (Self-Released, 2020)

I don't know shit about this band beyond the fact that they're from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I can't even figure out where the hell I heard about 'em. Something about this EP crossed my path within the past week, though, and I was curious enough to find it on Bandcamp and bookmark it for later. I looked up all of the band members on Discogs and it seems fairly safe to assess that they've all been involved with more hardcore-oriented bands such as Go it Alone, Blue Monday, Damages, and quite a few others—which would have me expecting them to be drawing more attention any day now, but... who knows for sure?

Whatever the case, this is absolute Sugar worship, and it's damn fine. Sure, portions of "Alarms and Sirens" are almost too similar to "Come Around," and snippets of "Honest" bear more than a passing familiarity with, ummm, "Tilted," but still... I don't really hear bands borrowing from this portion of the Bob Mould catalog of masterworks all that often, and I'm all for it. Hopefully Tilted's limited online presence will not be indicative of this being a one-and-done project, 'cause I'd really like to hear more—to the point where I'm holding off on purchasing just yet with the hope that perhaps a physical manifestation of the release will take shape!?