Throat, Pee (Kaos Kontrol, 2011)

The latest from Finland's Throat (released by Kaos Kontrol) is the two-song "Pee" 7"—offering up about eight more minutes of their superb and sinister noise rock. Expect dense, winding bass runs; "skronk"-laden riffing with just the right amount of odd melody/dissonance; dashes of searing feedback; lightly distorted vocals that veer from snarled shouts to fairly aggressive screams; etc. As with all of their releases the production is aptly rugged and nicely accentuates the texture and atmosphere of their approach, while the cover art has a really strong visual aesthetic as well. I hate to keep it so brief, but there are only two songs here and I've written about this band a few times in the past, so what more do you need? Longtime fans of this style should really flip out over this band, man. You just can't lose with these guys. The first two tracks below are samples from the 7":

The vinyl's limited to just 330 copies, so don't sleep on placing an order if you're interested...

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