Review: The Sons of Montana “Songs to Seduce Your Future Ex” CD

This is the debut demo from this new band formed by ex-members of The Unlucky Few, who sadly never really got any attention for either of their killer demos over the last few years. Hopefully The Sons of Montana won't meet the same fate, as what we have here are three tracks in about 12 minutes that are chock full of diverse metalcore and post-hardcore textures that range from thick rhythmic pulses and caustic guitar textures to winding dissonant runs and a few clean breaks to boot - while the vocals shift from spoken passages and strained hints at singing to harsh screams. "We're Not Dead Yet" hits on a couple of Converge-isms in its frantic shifts between chugging picking patterns and discordant textures, but once they drop in some clean arpeggios and start exploring a more rhythmic/noisily repetitious space things tend to move away from that more common brand of metalcore. "Drunken Ships and Sunken Sailors" follows with some odd time signatures to kick things off in fine form, later dropping an unexpected clean passage and some sinister metal styled riffs that sound quite different than anything else herein. "Kathleen E. Goodwin (A Hooker With a Heart of Gold)" is my favorite track overall, utilizing a hint more melody and emphasizing the shifts between different dynamics before the track ends in a complete avalanche of gritty noise and feedback. The recording sounds great for a demo. I think the rhythm section might need a hint more brightness, and there are a couple of very faint rough spots lingering about the mix on occasion, but for the most part everything sounds thick and full, so they're damn sure on the right path. Were this a proper full-length I think they could easily get by with this level of quality, so... my criticisms are extremely minor. The CD-R comes in a simple color xeroxed sleeve with a super close-up image of a woman's lips on the cover and I believe a slab of meat on the back, but almost no information about the band is included at all. No lyrics, no lineup, nothing. I'm basically fine with that since the music kicks ass, but I wouldn't have minded were there a little more to go on. Either way, this band is quite good and I'd really like to hear more, so I really hope they turn some more heads sometime soon. Labels need to wake the fuck up and realize that when a band can release a demo that exhibits not only strong songwriting, but a set of production values that surpasses that of many comparable full-length indie label releases, there's probably talent there that ought to be explored. Fuck image and all that shit, go with the music, 'cause these guys can do some damage, people! Download this demo from their website and see for yourselves...

Running time - 11:35, Tracks: 3
[Notable tracks: all three are quite strong]
The Sons of Montana -