Review: The Shining “s/t” 7”

Here we have five quick tracks of ultra fast hardcore/punk from The Netherlands, with pissed off yelling vocals and a good sense of energy, occasionally dropping a few unexpected little breakdown grooves, but never really letting up on the speed or consistency of attack for very long. "Masquerade" seems to inject a vague hint more melody into the mix, while "Kill for Freedom, Die for Oil" is a little more midpaced and chunky than any of the other songs, but overall the focus is still around speedy picking patterns with minor flirtations with old school hardcore and crossover thrash - there's honestly not very much variety here at all. That doesn't really bother me, though. I think a full-length that remained this one-sided could be a little bland, but it works out well for a fast paced EP such as this. The recording is a little too thin for its own good, letting the vocals lean out front in the mix while the rhythm section kind of falls together with the midrange sheen of distorted guitars, but it's not a real problem or anything. I definitely think a crisper, clearer sound would benefit these song a lot, but I can listen to it as is and you still get a good idea of what the band has to offer. The record comes in a matte black and white sleeve with a nice, clean layout that uses high contrast imagery and basic text arrangements for the lyrics and song explanations. As with most bands of this nature the tracks attack religion, war, greed, and all that kind of stuff in succinct diatribes that leave little to the imagination: "For sure, we are all gonna die, see the red clouds in the sky, if we're gonna walk this path, we will all end up in the aftermath." Not bad. As I said, were it a longer record they could hit a wall due to the fact that many of the songs sound the same, but I find this EP to be fairly enjoyable, and would like to hear more to get a better idea for what the band has to offer.

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Running time - 9:00 (approximately), Tracks: 5
[Notable tracks: The Aftermath, Kill for Freedom, Die for Oil]
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