Song of the Day: The Northern Skulls, "8.6.45" (Miltown Cover, 2018)

It's been a Miltown kinda week. First, hate5six posted an utterly excellent live set from 1998, and then a day or two later, I learned of this killer Miltown cover from The Northern Skulls. I've mentioned both Miltown and The Northern Skulls on the site previously, and what makes this cover extra curious is that both groups feature vocalist Jonah Jenkins (also of Only Living Witness, Milligram, and Raw Radar War), and "8.6.45" would've been one of the tracks included on Miltown's never-released full-length, Tales of Never Letting Go.

I don't think I've ever fully ranted about my feelings surrounding that topic, but you can read the backstory on the heartbreaking ordeal in this old forum post. Let's just say that, in my opinion, Tales of Never Letting Go would've been one of the greatest albums ever. Period. A bunch of demos—check out Miltown's version of "8.6.45," for example—have surfaced over the years, and they're fuckin' outstanding. I completely lose my shit every time I listen to that stuff, and it's just plain criminal that none of those songs have ever been granted a proper release.

I could go off on a pages-long tirade about this. Watch that live set from '98. Pay attention to the guitarist on the right, in the Samiam shirt. His expressiveness throughout that video is the way I feel every single time I listen to Miltown. Like this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Get the picture? Makes me wanna cry. It's happened before. Several times. I'll never stop hoping that somehow this injustice will be rectified one day.

Anyway... in better news, The Northern Skulls have a vinyl release cookin', and it should be out within a month or so. It'll be great. Keep an eye on Facebook or something for more information on that, and hit up Bandcamp for a few of their original tunes.