The “Mystery Grab Bag” goes monthly…

We had so much fun the first time around that it looks like Birkir and I will be shooting to post a new "Mystery Grab Bag" each month over at Halifax Collect. December's edition just went online earlier today:

The Halifax Collect/Aversionline Mystery Grab Bag, Episode 2

Hopefully people will dig it.

As always we'd appreciate any feedback from readers!


  1. Fucking AWESOME. Glad to see you back on the regular!

    12.17.2013 | By S

  2. Thank you, good sir.

    12.18.2013 | By Andrew Aversionline

  3. I’m gonna try to challenge Andrew a bit more in our next grab bag. We’ll see what I come up with in a few days. I’ve already got Andrew’s picks and I’ll listen to them today. Can’t wait!

    1.5.2014 | By Birkir Fjalar

  4. That Miltown song! Never knew about that. After all these years, visiting aversionline still pays off.

    1.15.2014 | By Samuli

  5. FUCK YES that Miltown song, ha, ha. It KILLS ME. Glad you dig it!

    1.15.2014 | By Andrew Aversionline