The Loveless, “Follow,” from Star Rover (Euphonious/Prophecy, 2002)

I thought I had written about Danish trio The Loveless before, but apparently not. I've recommended the group a few times in recent months, however, and this song just came on my iPod and destroyed me once again, so here we are...

Can't you see? All my dreams are all worn out. It's all I'll ever be. It's all I'll never be...

The Loveless represents a true definition of "metalgaze," and probably well before "metalgaze" was all that much of a "thing," too. The band consisted of three former members of Saturnus, among them Kim Larsen (Of the Wand & the Moon, etc.), who wrote the bulk of the material. I must confess, though, that these fascinating trivia tidbits tend to escape me, and to this day I've yet to explore much of Larsen's other work.

Released in 2002 by Euphonious Records and Prophecy Productions, I discovered this wonderful album many, many years ago through Jesse from Daylight Dies' old blog Darkdose (certainly one of my most-missed sources, damn was that a great site). Star Rover—their only proper release—truly is an absolute masterpiece of somber, fringe metal that's catchy yet emotional and certainly possesses its own individual identity.

Typical of so much of the music that I truly adore, multiple copies of this disc are ready and waiting to be scooped up for less than a mere $5, so... do yourself a favor, would you?

P.S. Produced by fucking Flemming Rasmussen! Crazy!