The Heartburns and Flippin’ Beans…

The Heartburns - Fucked Up in a Bad WayAmongst the latest from the mighty Full House Records, "Fucked Up in a Bad Way" is not at all another crushing blow of brutal Finnish metalcore, but instead an equally killer slab of super catchy pop-punk fuckin' rock from The Heartburns, who plow through 10 tracks in less than 18 minutes and certainly leave me wanting more. I'd say their brand of raw yet tightly performed punk is probably influenced by different niches driven by the Ramones and Screeching Weasel in terms of utilizing almost nothing but straightforward power chords and quick little melodic leads with occasional breaks into more of a rocked out vibe over sick, roaming bass runs that definitely add some punch and help keep things sounding energetic. It's not particularly original, and the recording could use a slight hint of cleaning up in terms of keeping the lightly rough textures from clipping in the mix, but none of that really matters in the long run because every single fucking song on this album is a keeper. Seriously, only one song tops two minutes and they just blaze on through without a pause, so I'm loving this shit, and I'm really surprised by just how catchy and memorable each track is. Being such a massive fan of the label's heavier side I sort of expected to dislike this band, but thankfully that's not the case at all. Great work...

The Heartburns "Outta Here"

Full House Records fuckin' rules, so show your support and pick this up if you dig what you're hearing:


Flippin' Beans - Everything's Fine... Act Brave and DieAlso new from Full House Records, and in a somewhat similar (though more "polished") pop-punk style, is "Everything's Fine... Act Brave and Die", the latest from Flippin' Beans. These guys have a little bit more of a Bad Religion-ish kind of thing going on (musically and, to some degree, lyrically as well), though the material lacks the super clean and clear recording quality. I don't particularly think that matters overall, but I do think a slightly more rounded out set of tones would benefit the overall impact of this record. There's a weird kind of diversity happening too, seeing as there are a couple of heavier riffs that creep into place now and then, but there are also some "poppier" little areas more reminiscent of a Blink-182 style or something (but I actually really like Blink-182 so I'm not downing Flippin' Beans in that regard at all). I could definitely do without the unexpected ska-isms of "Destroy" and "Pissed in the Eye" (though the latter's a little more tolerable), but I think the real issue is that the band needs to do a little more work on fusing their interests cohesively. When they set aside the almost overly staccato chord progressions and farther outside influences and just unleash the catchiest or most fluid output they're at their best, and that's something to consider for the future. This is another one that I didn't expect to enjoy very much, and though it's not as consistently energetic or memorable as The Heartburns, as far as pop-punk goes there's still some solid work to be encountered here.

Flippin' Beans "Weight of the World"
Flippin' Beans "Kids Are United"

As above, make the grab if this is your thing:



  1. Oh yeah mate, there’s some hot punk rock going on here! Both of these bands are good, especially The Heartburns, some really quality shit.

    7.12.2007 | By MarkusxKTL