Terminus “Creations” CD

Terminus - CreationsYet another obscure gem discovered via YouTube. While perusing through assorted thrash clips I stumbled upon this absolutely badass underground death metal from 1994, from a band so obscure that I think even the Encyclopaedia Metallum is wrong about 'em. According to their data, Terminus released "Creations" through a label called Stinkfist Records in 1994. That much appears to be accurate. But they cite the band as hailing from Stockton, CA, with another EP called "Victim Culture" being released in 1995. However, the lone eBay listing I can find for the "Creations" CD (with no artwork, sadly) states that the band was from Detroit. And while the five tracks that the Encyclopaedia Metallum lists as being "Victim Culture" appear on a MySpace page for the band, the Amazon listing for said EP only contains three (different) songs. From what I can gather, there was another Terminus from California that was more of an industrial metal band, so this Terminus was more than likely from Detroit—releasing "Creations", an EP of unknown title, and probably calling it quits at some point in the mid- to late-90's. (If anyone has more information about this band, please email me! Edit: They were from Stockton, CA after all. See this comment.)

"Creations" drops seven tracks averaging about six minutes apiece, for a total of 40 minutes of churning, midpaced death metal that's loaded with thick, chugging rhythms; some weird, semi-technical dissonance; and a lot of unexpected twists that flirt with some discordant tinges and melodic bass runs that really give the material an interesting feel. It's cool, because in some ways it comes across with this straightforward, in your face meatiness, but there's this other side that blends in influences you'd never anticipate, so they end up with a darker and more atmospheric edge that doesn't detract from the blunt aggression and heaviness at all (a combination perhaps best exemplified by the instrumental title track). They actually kind of remind me of Demented Ted (especially the vocals), which is somewhat fitting as I guess that's another relatively obscure reference. I don't know, all I can say is that I saw the album cover on YouTube, thought, "Damn, that looks promising!", and proceeded to flip out when I sampled my first track. I really wish I could dig up some more information on these dudes...

Terminus "Life Beyond"
Terminus "Isolate the Sick"
Terminus "Creations"

Unfortunately, this is another case where your chances of scoring physical copies of the band's material seem highly unlikely. I can find no trace of anything beyond "Creations" out there at all, and the aforementioned eBay auction (sans packaging of any kind) is all I see for this album (It's not even listed on Amazon!?). It's definitely getting harder to track down rarities...

Edit: Here's some great news from Terminus' own Dave Luck:

We appreciate your interest in our band. I've been in contact with the other former members and let them know, and everyone is blown away by the interest as we have not been a band for a decade or more. First of all, I would like to clear up some of the questions you had in some of the comments about where the band is from. We are the band Terminus from Stockton, not the Bay Area band Terminus like some of you may have thought. We started back in 1990.

I know some of you are asking about CDs and we are in the process of tracking some of those down. We sold most of our CDs, but we're in the works of getting some more together if anyone is interested, as I know some of you have said you are. We are possibly going to remaster them. We also actually did another recording before we broke up that we are in the process of trying to finish up to put out, if any of you may be interested in that as well. The recording is much better than our first one, and the songs even more brutal.

We have a Facebook page with a bio and other information. I will also post a sample song from the new recordings soon to the Facebook page and keep you up to date here as well. Again, thanks so much for all your interest. It's really cool that people have found our music after all these years. If you have any questions or comments, post them here. We are glad to answer any questions.

Terminus \M/
[email protected]


  1. Dude this is amazing stuff! Yet another great finding! This reminds me how sad is that life is so short and I won’t have time enough to listen and find all those great bands from the past…

    8.12.2011 | By Carlos

  2. Totally!  There’s just so much music out there that needs to be rediscovered!  Lately I’m way more interested in digging around for old bands that I missed out on as opposed to following current bands.

    8.12.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  3. Please post the entire CD on Mediafire? I can’t find a download anywhere, not even Soulseek.

    8.12.2011 | By Anonymous

  4. I don’t like to post stuff without permission, but many other blogs don’t care about that sort of thing…

    8.12.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  5. Check this one out, Andrew, the second Chakal album, from 1990:

    You can find the following songs there.

    Vocals weren’t so hot, but it’s enjoyable thrash.

    8.15.2011 | By Bernardo

  6. Chakal is definitely on my list of bands to investigate further.  Thanks!

    8.15.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  7. hey heres the story of this band,they were friends of mine-

    this Terminus WAS from stockton,ca. one of the guys,the singer guitarist dave luck,was filming a video for Sadus “Good Riddnace”,or Rindz or whatever that songs called. he started jamming with a guy named chris and they made Terminus. I just saw dave luck and can get whatever of this bands stuff you need. i think they just got together and recorded something. ill ask him. feel free to shoot me an email

    8.20.2011 | By lost goat

  8. i just sent Dave Luck from Terminus a link to this page on his facebook

    8.20.2011 | By lost goat

  9. Awesome, thanks!  I’m shooting you an email now…

    8.20.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  10. I got this cd with the artwork at a Grave,Vital Remains and Dismember show in St.Louis in October of 2006. Both guys in the band were there and they had boxes of this cd. They were both living in St.Louis at the time. Pretty damn good death metal!

    1.18.2012 | By Anonymous

  11. Man, i try to contact the band…but nothing..
    I thought i sended an add on facebook to the right Dave Hunt!??
    No Response or Answering on Message…
    Please Help!! :/


    1.7.2015 | By Phil

  12. Wtf!? Please Help!!!
    I want that Terminus Stuff!!

    1.8.2015 | By Anonymous