Synarchy, Tear Up the World (Tutl, 2011)

"Tear Up the World" is the sophomore full-length from Synarchy (released by Tutl Records). I don't typically write about stuff like this, but I have to say, were it not for Synarchy's extremely isolated locale (the Faroe Islands), I can't help but think their Soilwork meets Lamb of God type of approach would be incredibly successful. The writing does lean pretty heavily on the melodic Swedish style, though they don't fall back on the bouncy dual guitar harmony thing too often, which is a plus; and while I'm not a keyboard fan their presence herein works out just fine as far as I'm concerned. And as a whole this is incredibly well-played and tight, with great production. I mean, this album really does sound just as high-quality and professional as anything In Flames or any of those bands have released in recent years. The only minor downside is that the songs are generally too long. It's a 10-track album that runs just over an hour, so... they're averaging six minutes apiece, and a few songs run more towards seven to nine minutes. I'm certainly not against long songs or anything, but were they to trim the fat and keep things moving the energy level would remain at a higher level throughout, and the overall impact would probably be more significant as well. They've got a real knack for fusing staccato rhythms with flashy technical runs and melody, and the way the sneering vocals veer into a half-sung delivery for a lot of the choruses is also just great. I don't really keep up with a lot of what's going on in terms of the bigger metal bands these days, but, fuck... get these guys on a label like Century Media or Nuclear Blast or something. They should be much more known than they appear to be at present. This is very promising material...

I'm assuming it's somewhat complicated to get your hands on an actual CD here, so it's great that the band has made the album available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. Awesome...

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  1. thanks for bringing this to my attention, ‘cause i, too, wouldn’t have checked on a band of this “genre”, but i really dig this one a lot! the fact that they’re from such a remote and obscure place like the faroe islands curiously lends an additional element of depth, for lack of a better word.

    1.21.2012 | By andy