Storms “We are Storms” LP

Storms Another new one from the always curious Moonlee Records is "We are Storms", the full-length debut from Zagreb, Croatia's Storms. The band was formed in 2009 by three former members of Don't Mess With Texas and released a three-song demo last year (all songs from which have been re-recorded for the album). Don't Mess With Texas was a band that I found interesting, but I ultimately disliked their use of piano/keyboards and found myself wishing they were a trio instead. Well, lo and behold, Storms is indeed a piano/keyboard-less trio, and their more straightforward approach to instrumental emo/indie rock (Or whatever the hell you want to call it, I'm just making loose reference points, alright?) clicked with me right away. Expect winding, angular riffs with lots of pull-offs and light palm-muting—leaving plenty of room for the pulsing basslines to shine. The use of faint, jangly distortion and a loose, relaxed playing style often makes for an excellent dissonant ring, too. I'm a little short on commentary here since it's a fairly consistent run of 10 tracks in about 33 minutes. Some of the compositions have a little more of a somber edge; a few are somewhat brighter and more upbeat; it's got a warm, natural recording... what more do you need? "We are Storms" is a fine example of the fact that you don't need lyrics to come up with memorable, emotional songs. Nicely done.

This one's available digitally for a mere €3, too!

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  1. Yet another band from my hometown that I was completely oblivious to. That proves two things: 1. I have zero life; 2. This is a great fucking site indeed.

    As for the tunes, can’t remember the last time I was this moved by instrumental “emo/indie rock”. Some real evocative shit right there. Didn’t even get past “To Hell in a Handbag”, I keep dragging that bar back to the beginning.  Just an awesome track. 

    The production’s right on the money too, everything falls in place just the way it should. Vocals/lyrics would only be detrimental.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one, man.

    10.19.2011 | By Chris