State of Mind, Knowledge of Self (Take it Back, 2011)

The latest from Take it Back Records is "Knowledge of Self", the new six-song, 20-minute EP from State of Mind (from The Netherlands). This is my first exposure to the band and their style of heavy, lightly metallic hardcore that's also balanced out with plenty of rocked out, post-hardcore melody and groove. Expect a lot of surging midpaced rhythms accented by cool little winding dissonant riffs (check out the start of "The Quest", especially) and really unique vocals that present an unexpected combination of yelling and singing that doesn't really sound like either yelling or singing, if that makes any sense at all. It's a quirky approach, and somehow there's even a bit of a grungy type of vibe to the overall aesthetic of the material. (The more I listen to it the more it starts to remind me of Hard Response, too.) Not having heard the band's prior material I'm not sure how this compares, but it's certainly an interesting direction, so I'll be curious to see where they run with it moving forward. Good stuff. Stream the entire EP below and see what you think:

As should always be the case, vinyl purchases include a digital download, so... pick one up if you like what you hear!

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  1. One of my favorite bands from the Netherlands Andrew. You should have picked up on this a long time ago :) Check out their previous stuff too!

    1.9.2012 | By Pim

  2. really, really digging on this one.

    1.9.2012 | By lron

  3. Good to hear about this new EP.

    You should definitely check their Mental Gold LP, possibly one of the best euro hc record of the past few years, and live they also kill it ! the bonus is also their cover of Soul Search by Dmize, I think you’ll like that one ;-)

    1.11.2012 | By Fred

  4. Yes, that Dmize cover sounds like something I need to hear!

    1.11.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  5. I love this band, more people in the states should get on this!

    10.17.2012 | By EMS