Song of the Day: Sound/Escape, “Deep Field” (2021)

An internet pal duly recommended that I check out Sound/Escape a few weeks back. This solo act out of Minneapolis, MN has released an EP and a full-length since 2017, but this 2021 single—apparently from a forthcoming new album due sometime within the next few months—represents a huge step up across the board. We're talkin' massive, hard-hitting production, a stronger vocal performance... it's just bigger, brighter, and better on every level. Not to take away from the project's past work, but wow, this is impressive. Heavy shoegaze that doesn't fall into any of the pitfalls. This style has really been surging in popularity over the past few years, but I don't encounter many instances that totally nail it the way "Deep Field" does. There's no droning around in circles mindlessly fiddling with too many effects, the vocals have some emphasis and emotion and are not just lifeless whimpers buried in the mix, etc. So good. This tune actually reminds me a shitload of Entropy, who had one of my favorite releases of last year, which is another promising sign.

It appears that all of Sound/Escape's work to date has been digital-only, so—being the stubborn old bastard that I am—I really, really hope that won't be the case for album #2. If "Deep Field" is any indication, that sucker's gonna be one hell of a keeper! Follow-up with Sound/Escape on Bandcamp or Spotify to try and stay informed as to when new jams become available.