Sludge Terror, “Voice of the Devil,” from The Thousand Voices of Demon (Self-Released, 2017)

Thanks once again to Starkweather for the tip on this instrumental solo project from Brazil. This five-song, 23-minute EP consists of nothing but guitar and drums, and finds Sludge Terror cranking out a nonstop barrage of lusciously Crowbar-worshipping grooves. "Danse Macabre" shifts course by opening with a movie sample and "Parallel Universe" brings in a hint more movement and melody, but opener "Voice of the Devil" is just sledgehammer-to-the-dome heaviness executed to flawless perfection. Holy shit.

I can definitely imagine bass ratcheting up the force even more, so it would be curious to hear that avenue explored, but those high-quality riffs alongside solid production leave nothing much to complain about as-is. It's all rather simple and to the point, but it's hard to argue with that totally badass guitar tone.

The Thousand Voices of Demon is available as a name your price download via Bandcamp, so give it a shot...