Song of the Day: Silver Chains, “Under All the Light,” from All Hail! (Self-Released, 2019)

It's been just about a year since this 16-minute, four-song debut from Vancouver, Canada's Silver Chains was released, but they emailed me about it yesterday and the time was right, so here we are. There's not much information out there about this somewhat mysterious group, but their post-punk-infused noise rock cites influences such as The Birthday Party, The Fall, Laughing Hyenas, and Scratch Acid—all of which I'm only marginally familiar with at best, but I can get into this.

For one thing, the material is superbly recorded and mixed—guitar on the left, bass on the right: a rare tactic that's always quick to catch my attention, and used in fine form here for an absolutely hammering bass presence. There's also a slight quiver to the vocals, which occasionally tend toward more aggressive outbursts, and what I can make out of the lyrics implies an even darker undercurrent to the musical aesthetic.

It wasn't my top pick because it takes so long to get going and I feared less patient readers might lose interest, but eight-minute closer "Participate" is sinister as shit and has some major Bodychoke vibes goin' on, so if that piques your interest—and it should—be sure to check that track out. It just might be my actual favorite tune from All Hail! As a whole.

Hopefully some new Silver Chains material is in the works out there...?