Silent Scream, “Railroaded,” from Carrion Screaming (Occult Whispers, 2016)

I recently discovered Helsinki, Finland's Silent Scream via the Night Voices: Volume 1 compilation (though I'm drawing a blank on how said collection landed on my radar) and need to do some serious digging here. Apparently the trio had previously been in a band called Varjo that had existed since 1994, and as Silent Scream they've already released three full-lengths and a split. Last year's Carrion Screaming offers gothic post-punk atmospherics that touch on everything from a heavier Joy Division, to the lushly roving bass line brilliance of Play Dead, to the manic dirges of Killing Joke, and then some.

"Railroaded" was the song that introduced me to the group. One of my favorites from the Carrion Screaming LP (and the immediate standout from the aforementioned compilation), it's slightly catchier and more direct in its lovely bass work, killer interaction between electric and acoustic guitars, and one hell of an infectious chorus. I was already sold, but hearing the lyric "What the fuck do you think you know about the things that I go through every day?" further sealed the deal. I love it.

A split release between Occult Whispers Records, Mass Media Records, and Stupido Records—whose rosters I should also investigate—physical copies of Carrion Screaming are sold out from Mass Media, but still available from Occult Whispers (U.S.) and Stupido (Finland).

I haven't checked out Silent Scream's back catalog yet, but if everything else is as good as this, I've got some purchases to make...