Song of the Day: ShotClock, “Cross My Heart,” from Side A (Say-10, 2020)

This EP came out back in October, but I just recently discovered ShotClock in such a random way. I got an email that looked like a semi-personal promo blast, so I opened it and happened to spot mentions of a couple of local acts—Ann Beretta and Fun Size (the latter of which I remember from when I was a kid)—in relation to this band called ShotClock that I had never even heard of (granted, I might as well have lived in my own little hermit hole even before the pandemic). I looked them up on Bandcamp and my hopes continued to grow once I saw that they referred to themselves as a "pop-punk power trio." So, I sampled a track or two and quickly realized that what I was hoping for and what I was presented with lined up perfectly!

For the most part, ShotClock offers catchy, no-frills, two- to four-minute pop-punk tracks loaded with vocal harmonies and killer roving basslines. Occasionally there are dashes of extra rockin', and it also kind of has an almost "emo" undercurrent to it, in part because the material falls more on the "mature" side of the genre lyrically—and to some degree sonically as well (polished, but not pristine). As is often the case, though, it simply boils down to great songwriting that really hits the spot.

Side A is available digitally from the band or the label, plus Spotify and whatnot. ShotClock's also working on a super-limited lathe-cut 7" only available for pre-order until April 23 as part of a bundle, also from Say-10 Records. Apparently they're looking to release an LP, too, so I hope that gets hooked up soon. Based on the strengths of this EP, I'm really looking forward to it!