Shinobi, “The World is Mine” (Self-Released, 2017)

I try to keep it diverse, but there are always going to be a small handful of acts that I continue to repeatedly shout about in the hope that if they didn't click the first time, eventually—just maybe—they'll win you over. Shinobi is one of those bands, and "The World is Mine" just might be my favorite of their compositions to date.

Another rugged alternative/indie rock jammer released as a standalone digital single, things feel a touch more direct and sullen this time around. There's more of a droning sensation to the mix, I dig the subtle yet important bass presence, and there's a little more of a rasp to the vocals (which I absolutely love)—lending a grippingly emotional aesthetic to the chorus. It's quite beautiful in its relative simplicity, really.

This is the type of band that makes me wish I wasn't such a complete fuckin' business idiot, so that I could start my own label again without simply flushing my finances down the toilet. If a solid record label should ever be astute enough to see what I see in Shinobi and steps up, dare I say that I'd very likely throw some money in the pot, too. That's how much I believe in what this band is capable of...