Seven Sisters of Sleep/Children of God split 12”

Seven Sisters of Sleep/Children of God - splitAnother winner from A389 Recordings, this 12" offers up three songs apiece from Seven Sisters of Sleep and Children of God. Seven Sisters of Sleep kicks things off with about 14 minutes of their crawling, dingy doom/sludge infused with a subtly crusty hardcore/punk energy. The tracks are a little longer this time out so they are starting to lean more exclusively towards the sludgy side of things, but their approach is dead on so there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Great production, too. Everything's heavy as hell with just the right amount of grit to both the guitar and bass tones, which is perfect for this style. Children of God then follows with 11 minutes of material that ranges from frantic, chaotic bursts with somewhat of a weirdly discordant D-beat edge to slow, crushing rhythms. The combination could indeed be tagged "power violence" on some level, but it's a really interesting take on such influences that still manages to come across as something a bit different. The recording has an aptly raw feel to it that highlights the more dissonant textures as well, which is awesome. What more needs to be said? This is a great match-up for a split, and I look forward to hearing more from both bands...

Seven Sisters of Sleep "Weapons"

The vinyl includes a digital download card, so you should be good to go here...

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  1. This split really is the nuts!! i heard children of god’s coup de grace 7 inch and it blew my mind. However on hearing ‘desolate’ i nearly went nuts at the train station and was on repeat for 45 minutes! and still is. Cracking record.

    11.28.2011 | By Anonymous

  2. Seven Sisters of Sleep is cool but Children of God definitely wins this split for me. thanks for the review

    12.1.2011 | By tom