Seminary “The Bow”

Seminary - The BowI believe Seminary is a one-man Canadian grind assault from Cold Craving's Ryan Kennedy, and "The Bow" is a self-released EP that unloads eight incredibly short, fast tracks in a mere six minutes. It sounds like it's nothing but vocals, guitar, and drums, but that's all it takes to get the job done here, because the riffs are absolutely awesome. Amidst the frantic blasts and high-speed tremolo picking, caustic bends, and sparse chugging there's a ton of twisted dissonance and warped, chaotic texture reminiscent of bands like Ulcerate—and you don't stumble upon that kind of character very often in 25-second songs. Something about the guitar tone has a faint industrial tinge to it as well, which is another cool bit of atmosphere working in the material's favor. This thing really flies by in a flash, so I'm not sure what more to say!? The recording's quite appropriate for the style, the lyrics are suggestive but abstract enough for interpretation, and the band logo possesses a perfectly classic old school vibe that totally kicks ass. Listen for yourself and see what you think:

Like invisible walls. Like a shamanistic identity. The clothes become a birthmark that you'll take for granted. Blame is our favorite toy—that's why you haze the lens, and instead of making the world a better place, you build a cell wall. You thrive on the voyeurism it creates, it serves you still. Modern life as ethical virus. Modern life wants you to be invisible. Modern life divides us. Modern life makes us fail to empathize.

The EP's available via Bandcamp as a name your price download, so there's no reason not to give it a shot if you like what you hear...

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  1. Very promising band! When I saw the cover for the first time I thought that this is some black metal band - the cover reminds me of Wolves in the Throne Room. I don’t know why…

    8.18.2011 | By Carlos

  2. lol @Carlos I thought the same thing.

    8.25.2011 | By Adrianoso