Song of the Day: Secondsight, “Touch,” from Promo (Self-Released, 2017)

I've often thought to myself how strange it is that so few contemporary hardcore groups experiment with the more uniquely melodic side of the '90s—you know, the stuff that's somber, borderline emo but with enough tangible hardcore and heavy crunch not to be. Well, finally, a new(er) band has completely nailed that approach, and that band is Florida's Secondsight.

An Instagram post recently crossed my path that compared Secondsight to Turning Point, which always gets my attention, so I just hoped beyond hope that said comparison would be referring to later (i.e. the best) Turning Point and not their earlier work. Thankfully, that is indeed the case—right down to the dissonant riffing, plunky bass tone, and even the occasional acoustic passage.

Everything that they've released so far totally rules, but last month's two-song Promo boasts much harder-hitting production and more emphatic songwriting, too, so I hope a label scoops 'em up for some kind of physical release soon. I really don't seem to get very excited about hardcore too often these days, but I'm so fuckin' psyched to hear a young new band exploring this niche of the genre. I love the Cro-Mags and Leeway as much as everyone else, but the world needs more of this instead!