Se Vende, “If It Ever…”: Track Premiere

At this point, "pop-punk" is such a dangerously broad term that you never know what you're in for when bands are pitched as such. Having never heard San Diego trio Se Vende prior, my immediate question was, "Hmmm, what type of 'pop-punk' are we dealing with here?" Thankfully, anxieties were quickly calmed as I read on to discover that they've drawn comparisons to Grimple, and have cited bands like Jawbreaker and Fifteen as influences. "Okay, perfect, we're talking about the most respectable form of 'pop-punk', then!"

Sure enough, the group's third album, Happy Accidents—out December 2 via Paper Street Cuts (pre-order now—through Bandcamp or the label—on blue with red/black splatter or clear with red/black splatter, each variant limited to 125 copies)—demonstrates that despite residing roughly eight hours south, Se Vende's output brings to mind a classic East Bay type of sound. A little bit dirty (yet well-produced), kinda snotty, melodic and memorable, plus—as you'll find below—with reflectively substantive content to back it up.

Regarding brand new tune, "If It Ever...," bassist/vocalist Collin Smith states:

"This song is about being fed up with the feeling of not being able to sit in your own skin. Continually finding yourself in places you've been before and wondering how you got there again, and how those situations wear on your spirit and your overall satisfaction with your lot in life. Just being so sick and tired of reliving the same bullshit again and again, to where you're desperate enough to ask all of the questions and open yourself up to a suggestive type of solution, because you're driving yourself insane lying awake at night with the feeling that you're wasting your time. It's about no longer wanting to feel insane because your spirit is dying, it's about wanting to live without the regret of the past or the fear of the future, and finding the real you underneath all the bullshit you've been through."


Pre-order Happy Accidents via Bandcamp or Paper Street Cuts. Hear more from Se Vende through Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. Also find them on Instagram.