Review: Saviours, Warship (Level-Plane, 2005)

This relatively new band features members of Yaphet Kotto, and the label calls this brief EP a "knee-weakening wall of noise that recalls the Melvins, Bathory, and Iron Maiden". I, for one, find those comparisons to be absolutely ludicrous, however. If you really wanted to stretch it you could maybe argue that there's a little of the Melvins or Iron Maiden in there, but only if you were thinking of it in terms of those bands being covered by Mot?rhead or Danzig. Except that this sounds much more modern than either of those acts, too. It's harsher vocally and a little noisier musically, it just happens to be dealing largely with influences of a more rocked out variety. "Circle of Servants Bodies" opens up with a feel very much reminiscent of the first Danzig record musically, perhaps boosted by some 70's-esque dual guitar work and more of a snarled vocal attack; while some of the doomier influences rear their heads in the more jarring "Satanic Scriptures"; and "Christ Hunt" is initially much more metallic with its riffing, but things quickly revert to much more of a rocked out flare, in fact becoming a little catchier than the other tracks. The recording's pretty good. Intentionally rugged, but in a manner that fits and suits the material well. The bitterness of the vocals works perfectly with this recording, but the drums are admittedly left a little on the thin side, and I'd like to hear a touch more thickness overall. The vocals also feel somewhat separated from the music, so warming things up and bringing everything together in the mix would put 'em on the right track. The packaging looks okay. It's chock full of over the top artwork and handwriting that are all very, ummm... "evil" or whatever, but for the most part it looks cool, even if it is a little cheesy or forced what with lyrics like, "View the wrath of the satanic scriptures with hatred, Bleed for no one but him, We join together, a quintity with blood in our hands in preparation for eternity..." This is actually pretty good overall, I'm just not totally sold on the whole tongue-in-cheek factor, and I'd need to hear more to see if their songwriting could really win me over.

Running time - 9:42, Tracks: 3
[Notable tracks: Circle of Servants Bodies, Christ Hunt]
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