Said and Done “Weight of the World” 7”

Said and Done - Weight of the World"Weight of the World" is the latest EP from Dutch hardcore act Said and Done (released by Carry the Weight Records), which sees the band continuing to improve upon their unique style of hardcore. The driving midpaced rhythms and sincere vocals (which combine a gruff edge with vague hints of actual singing) are still the driving force, but there are a few more tempo changes happening this time around—lending both a little more crunch as well as a little more melody to the songwriting. There are a lot of quick little lead riffs going on, and the basslines feel more active here as well, which is always a plus and makes perfect sense given the band's solid sense of groove. It's the vocals that really give the material a different energy than a lot of what's out there, though, and that makes a huge difference for me. I guess European hardcore bands still tend to fall on the underrated side of things, 'cause if Said and Done was from the US and signed to a label like Deathwish Inc. or something, I can't help but think more people would be all over this shit. With four tracks in just over 11 minutes you're certainly left wanting more, so it's definitely about time for these cats to drop another full-length!

Said and Done "Weight of the World"

The 7" is limited to just 500 copies, and colored vinyl is still available, so make the grab while you still can if you're into it...

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Andrew!

    5.3.2010 | By Pim

  2. Not bad, though what really hooked me were the G ‘n’ R-like drums at the beginning!

    5.3.2010 | By Invisible Oranges

  3. Good shit. Love the fact that this stuff is just a few production values away from being all-out, balls-to-the-wall fuckin’ rock., and not in that hipster “rockcore” sense either, while still sounding like hardcore. Really unique, gotta love those vocals.

    5.4.2010 | By Chris

  4. Hi,

    often I check this blog. The reviews plus the mp3 are the things that keep bringing me back here. I vote for keeping up the mp3´s.

    take care,


    5.4.2010 | By jardel

  5. [...] or from Carry The Weight Records (get in touch with them for wholesale prices too).This is what had to say about it:… (Weight Of The World) sees the band continuing to improve upon their unique [...]

    6.14.2010 | By June update – Said And Done - hardcore

  6. For anyone that’s interested: The “Weight Of The World” 7” is available from now for only $2,50 -

    7.2.2010 | By Pim