Song of the Day: Roseneath, “By a Thread” (2021)

Well, it only took two days into 2022 for me to get hyper-excited about some new music. In fact, had I heard "By a Thread"—the debut single from Richmond, VA duo Roseneath—two weeks ago when it was released, there's a good chance that it would've ended up on my list of 2021 Year-End Favorites. And not just because the song's fantastic, but because of how enthusiastic I am that one of the members, Brian G., formerly led Cosmonaut—a project that I've yelled and screamed about a number of times since 2015, and who still deserves far more acclaim than they ever came close to achieving (seriously, they're one of my most-listened-to bands of the past 10 years, without a doubt). Not to be overlooked, it's also worth pointing out that the other half, Jason R., is known for atmospheric metal unit Breaths.

Roseneath, however, is self-described as "grungegaze," which never fails to grab my attention. I must confess, though, that I'm hearing more grunge than 'gaze. There are indeed some effects-laden elements, but the end result strikes me as hard-hitting and hook-filled post-hardcore—like if Quicksand had been from Seattle or something. The singing is absolutely crisper and more fluid than what one might expect from grungy territory, but—graciously—far from the dull, monotone delivery that so many shoegaze-influenced acts are falling back on these days, which makes a world of difference.

As always, who really cares what you call it!? The song rules, and I can't wait to hear more. The pair is rumored to already have enough material written for a full-length, so... it looks like my first post of the year's coming from a band that's almost certain to be locked-in as one of my favorites of 2022!

Find "By a Thread" on Bandcamp or Spotify, and watch out for more coming soon...