Ringworm/Mindsnare “Your Soul Belongs to Us…” split 7”

Ringworm/Mindsnare - Your Soul Belongs to Us - splitAnother relatively new one from A389 Recordings is this killer split between Cleveland legends Ringworm and Australia's Mindsnare. The label refers to the Ringworm tracks as "two new/unreleased crushers from the vaults", and while I don't really know the specifics behind that statement, I will say that these songs hit me a little harder and more immediately than some of the band's most recent efforts have. Expect crunchy rhythms and fast-paced, thrashy riffing with a frantic edge—as well as Human Furnace's classic and immediately recognizable sneers, of course. Both cuts are short and right in your face ("One Day" barely topping a minute, in fact), so there's definitely no fucking around here. Damn good. I had never heard Mindsnare before and didn't really know what to expect, but for whatever reason I was really surprised by how metal-based their approach is. It's practically full-on thrash metal—complete with vicious, snarling vocals; a little bit of dissonance; and some explosive lead bursts. Their approach herein is actually a great match for the vibe of the Ringworm tracks in terms of offering up rugged, aggressive metal with just a tinge of hardcore crunch buried in there. The entire EP runs less than 10 minutes and definitely leaves you wanting more. All of the tracks have made their way onto YouTube, so you can stream the entire EP below:

Ringworm "Leviathon"
Ringworm "One Day"
Mindsnare "Gather to Decompose"
Mindsnare "Twist and Burn"

The first pressing comes packaged in an eight-panel comic book insert illustrated by Ringworm's Human Furnace, and vinyl copies include a digital download card. I haven't seen the comic book, but the music certainly rips. But, if you'd prefer, mp3's are available direct from the label for a mere $2.50, so... get on it!

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  1. If you haven’t heard Mindsnare I definitely recommend their last album “Disturb the Hive”. Absolutely vicious.

    12.16.2011 | By Gabe

  2. Is this the same Mindsnare that once did a split cd with Congress?

    12.18.2011 | By Stevhan The Invincible

  3. Both mindsnare albums rule, really surprised you hadn’t already heard MS, they’re a total andrew band.

    12.18.2011 | By clonghampton

  4. Mindsnare indeed have a split with Congress, they are one of the longest existing metalcore band from Australia, and most of their material is worth checking out.

    It’s no wonder those 2 bands hooked together to do a split, they also toured Australia together recently.

    1.4.2012 | By Fred

  5. Mindsnare have like 4 full lengths? the drummer from Frenzal Rhomb and the guitarist of Blood duster. biggest legends ever. Disturb the hive, the last one, is the best Hardcore release out of Australia. fucking sick, also Andrew if you can find it, PET MEAT, its the drummers little 7’’ thing he did and its fast and fun.

    11.8.2012 | By Andywounds

  6. Sure is.

    12.19.2012 | By Anonymous