Song of the Day: Repetitionist, “Check Please,” from Process and Intention (Self-Released, 2020)

Dayton, OH's Repetitionist released their debut EP, Process and Intention, last week. The band's members have been in tons of other groups that I'm not familiar with (Floodwalker, Harlots, Kenoma, The Raging Nathans, Teeth Collection, Wasteland Jazz Ensemble, etc., etc.), but this material caught my attention within seconds of the opener when it struck me that I'm actually reminded quite a bit of Engine Kid, which doesn't happen often!

Repetitionist occasionally veers into more chaotically abrasive/screamy territory, but the bulk of the output herein comes across as emotive post-hardcore with the texture of noise rock. There's a sludgy density to it, however—though not in a particularly "metal" manner. Vocally there are even some emo-esque flourishes, and a few of the rhythms have a bit of a mathy touch, but... honestly, I wouldn't really classify them as post-hardcore or noise rock either. They're just one of those bands that fuses a plethora of different influences together in a way that's familiar, but still can't be crammed into any specific pigeonhole. The EP even closes with a spot-on cover of Codeine's "Cave-In," which proves to be another excellent reference point when it comes to the "for fans of" factor.

Great production, eye-catching visual aesthetic... this EP's probably a touch long for a 7", but damn would I love to see these cats hook up some sort of tangible release. This sucker totally came out of nowhere with a lot to get excited about. Very cool.

Process and Intention is available as a $5 download via Bandcamp.