Red Forest Hunter “s/t”

Red Forest Hunter - s/tThe debut outing from Nashville, TN's Red Forest Hunter is a four-song demo/EP that drops about nine minutes of excellent emo/indie rock type stuff (for lack of clearer terms) that focuses on energetic and memorable songwriting that's catchy and melodic without lacking a certain edge. There's definitely some punch to it, and nothing that really leans towards the "poppier" side of things. Three of the four band members make vocal contributions, so there's a good dose of variety there, from the relatively straightforward singing to a gruffer approach that hints at more of a shout. Musically it's an interesting blend of influences—including the aforementioned emo and indie rock tendencies amongst post-hardcore, punk, etc.—and I'm honestly not entirely sure where you'd properly classify it. The overall vibe definitely feels familiar to me, but I'm drawing a blank as to who I might compare it to (which is probably just as well). It's well-documented that I'm a sucker for a good song, though, and these dudes can damn sure write a tune. I'm way the fuck into this, and really look forward to hearing more from this band. Awesome.

You can download the entire EP for free if you like what you hear, so get to it!

[DOWNLOAD] Red Forest Hunter "s/t" (@ Bandcamp)