Ravage Ritual, “Spiritual Power,” from Higher Power (Unquiet, 2016)

Fittingly enough, Seinäjoki, Finland's Ravage Ritual will be opening a few European dates for Integrity next month, as their approach is reminiscent of Integrity meets Kickback blended with the burly style of Finnish metalcore I recall fondly from my days admiring the Full House Records roster of the early- to mid-2000s—the whole thing given a bit of a classic Swedish death metal grit for added ferocity. Since 2011, the group has released a demo, EP, split 12" with Teething, and two full-lengths—the latest of which, Higher Power, was released last autumn on CD and LP through Sell Your Soul Records (Germany) Soaked in Torment Records (UK), and Unquiet Records (Poland).

Higher Power hits me much harder than the band's previous efforts, with more of a fire in its eyes, so to speak. Its longest composition, "Spiritual Power" provides a fine example: running the gamut from winding, dissonant darkness and chugging midpaced power chords to melodic solos and an atmospheric acoustic outro—not to mention one of the album's more intense vocal performances. If this is a sign of things to come, I should be paying closer attention to Ravage Ritual's future output, indeed.

For now, Higher Power is still available digitally or on CD from the band. Hit up Sell Your Soul or Soaked in Torment for vinyl, and Unquiet still has CDs as well.

A soothing touch of fire and brimstone
A storm to calm the mind
You are the failure of words
Total absolute

Heresy of definition
The abomination of human mind
In the deepest contradiction
The highest vvisdom descends
Eternal purity in filth
Eternal life through hell
Power of unseen
Invoked inside me
As humanity fades
I am forever